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The Operating Engineers Local 324 Labor-Management Education Committee takes a strong, positive approach to addressing the issues and concerns which affect labor management relations and economic developement in the State of Michigan.

Operating Engineers break ground for most construction projects and are on the job until it’s topped off. Therefore, it’s only fitting that these same people are “breaking ground” for the new spirit of cooperation between labor and management on and off the job site. The Operating Engineers Local 324 Labor-Management Education Committee is proud to be a leader in the promotion of “Building Relationships That Work”.

There are currently over 12,000 members of the local and this number continues to grow. This significant group and the employer associations are truly committed to the concept of Working Together Toward Successful Solutions. This commitment is supported by a per hour deduction from the wages of each Operating Engineer. Together we are working toward a better, safer product which brings you, the customer, greater value for each construction dollar spent.


The Operating Engineers Local 324 Labor Management Education Committee aims to make Michigan the premier state in the union and possibly the world to construct and maintain infrastructure and facilities. We will achieve this mission through education, communication, innovation and dedication to the members of Operating Engineers Local 324, while concurrently striving to enhance progressive relationships with the contactors employing them and the project owners providing opportunities for the members to perform their craft.